Construction site crane

Performing construction works and providing engineering

Owing to the team of experienced and creative professionals as well as a significant number of top-quality contractors, we are ready to satisfy each and every investor’s wish in a very short period of time and take over the realization of the most complex investment projects in construction of all types of buildings in construction industry. We have gained the trust of our clients with our team of professionals, quality of developed construction objects, provision of top quality, reliable and technically advanced engineering solutions, always keeping in mind the time frame and the financial plans set by the investor.

We provide a complete set of construction services according to “turn-key” system from the earliest planning phases to obtaining the use permit and commissioning, all of which is in accordance with the highest standards, making us a reliable and trustworthy partner and creating our competitive advantage.

We can offer and execute various types of services in the construction industry by developing different kinds of construction buildings within the existing capacities, including:

  • Construction of business and residential complexes, industrial halls, health centers, sports and recreational amenities, energy facilities – all in accordance with the investor’s requests, according to the “turn-key” system, unit measure system and “design and develop” system

  • Performing all types of final and craftsmanship works in construction

  • Adaptation and reconstruction of all types of buildings
  • Drafting all phases of design documentation, in accordance with the Law on planning and construction (preliminary design, design for construction permit, main design and as-built design)
  • Consulting and engineering in construction industry
  • Technical supervision over performance of investment works and construction of buildings.